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Компания "Кромка" Механическая обработка сапфира

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Company "Kromka” – 20 years on the market of solid nonmetallic materials processing!
We suggest you to acquaint yourself with our products and services.
1. Measuring plugs (smooth plug gages) of sapphire with a diameter from 0,8 mm to 20 mm, with tolerance +-0,2 mkm. 20 years of warranty!
2. Dosers for medicine dispensing using a sapphire pump element. Integration of a doser with a second piston for viscous fluids is possible.
3. Dosers for a capsular machine with a change of a sapphire pump element.
4. Sapphire pump elements for hydraulic systems. A pump element works without any cups or stuffing boxes with a pressure up to 500… An item with a spacing of 0,3 mkm works with 750..
5. Friction bearings (radial) of sapphire with a spacing less than 1 mkm. A bearing doesn’t need any lubrication and can work with high-speed engine operations. The warranty is 5 years and more, it depends on application conditions.
6. Making of various windows for supervision of technological process.
7. Making of jets and tips for burners and insulators of sapphire.
Synthetic Sapphire doesn’t scratch and is chemically neutral
Drilling solid materials (sapphire, ceramics) with our own tubular adamantine drills.
Thinning silicon-on-sapphire structures with a diameter of 60 mm to 60 mkm.
Polishing of sapphire plates. Making of sapphire plates for a placing of light-emitting diodes.
Making of different items of sapphire according to a customer’s order.
We also work with ceramics, silicon, quartz, etc.
We deliver by request machine tools of bilaterial polishing of various materials (sapphire, ceramics, glass, quartz, silicon etc.).
Processing is conducted on original nog plates with the fixed abrasive.
Engineering tools for machining plates’ edges of different semiconducting materials. Instruments for plates’ edges machining.
It’s not a complete list of our production capabilities. We have over 20 years’ experience in a treatment of sapphire and other solid materials. We are ready to suggest some efficient solutions of your problems.
Our contact information
mobile phone: +7(926)459-33-45
Zarin Evgeniy - sales manager